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File Number Name Part Section Township Range Meridian Subdivision Remarks
1266513 Ozanne, Lawrence Wilfrid             Lot 20, Block 10, townsite of Lloydminster. 
1877904 Ozanne, Richard C.             Lot 18, Block 21, townsite of Lloydminster. 
1683237 Ozanne, Richard Collins             Lot 14, Block 2, townsite of Lloydminster. 
476415 Gowler, William             Lot 46, Poplar Point Parish. 
73785 Campbell, Alexander             Lot 59, special survey of Prince Albert 
106857 Dubois, Maxime (Mrs.)             Lots 21 and 22, St. Laurent Settlement. Widow of Damas Carriere. 
106857 Carriere, Damas             Lot 22, St. Laurent Settlement. See Maxime Dubois (Mrs.) 
1374560 Biddle, John             Lot 9, Block 12, Townsite of Lloydminster 
1374223 Cohen, S.             Lot 20, Block 24, Townsite of Lloydminster 
109079 Canadian Pacific Railway           Odd-numbered sections of townships 15 and 16; 11, 12, 13 W of 2nd meridian.   
133718 Cummings, William             Lot west of Central Avenue, Battleford 
1409734 Ikin, Henry             Lot 18, Block 4, Lloydminster 
5423272 Ile a la Crosse Indian Reserve             Lot 78, east shore of Ile a la Crosse Lake. 
4338213 Ile-A-La-Crosse Settlement             Lot 19. See Kirby, Lawrence 
4338211 Ile-A-La-Crosse Settlement             Lot 18. See Caisse, Emmanuel 
4338207 Ile-A-La-Crosse Settlement             Lot 16. See Roy, Louison 
4338209 Ile-A-La-Crosse Settlement             Lot 17. See Roy, Isadore 
4338205 Ile-A-La-Crosse Settlement             Lot 14. See Daigneault, Vincent 
4338201 Ile-A-La-Crosse Settlement             Lot 12. See Savat, Edward 
4338199 Ile-A-La-Crosse Settlement             Lot 11. See Malboeuf, Pierrish 
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