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File Number Name Part Section Township Range Meridian Subdivision Remarks
125507 Donovan, George G.             Lots 19 and 20, north side of 28th Street, west of Central Avenue, Battleford. 
4433534 Green Lake Settlement             Lot 5A. See Bell, A. and sons 
4802969 Green Lake Settlement             Part Lot 5. See Morin, Theodore. 
1374224 Bow, Ellen (Mrs.)             Lot 6, Block, Townsite of Lloydminster 
4802957 Green Lake Settlement             Part Lot 6. See Meraste, Baptiste 
4802947 Green Lake Settlement             Part Lot 11. See Kennedy, Antoine 
4474767 English Church Mission             Lot 12, La Ronge Settlement. See La Ronge Settlement 
4474763 English Church Mission             Lot 9, La Ronge Settlement. See La Ronge Settlement 
1946760 Greening, William             Lot 24, Block 32, Townsite of Lloydminster 
4946580 English, Robert Edward             Pt. Lot 11, La Ronge Settlement. See La Ronge Settlement 
1374505 Bowler, Francis A.             Lot 10, Block, Townsite of Lloydminster 
199908 Brouer, John             Lot 31, north of 3rd Street, west of Central Avenue, Battleford. See also also Braver 
327928 Ferguson, Antoine             Part lot 19, St. Laurent Settlement 
336339 Ferguson, Antoine             Part lot 24, St. Laurent Settlement 
81184 Ferguson, Antoine             Lot 24, St. Laurent Parish 
112706 Ferguson, Antoine             River Lot 24, St. Laurent Settlement 
3320958 Ferguson, William John             River Lot 2, St. Laurent Settlement. Pers. representative of the late Ferguson, Marie Rose Mrs. 
1374192 Hall, Ethelwynne L.             Lot 20, Block 8, townsite of Lloydminster. 
1610014 Williams, Susan Elizabeth             Lot 28, Block No. 5, townsite of Lloydminster. 
5075791 Kamiczaites, Peter             Lot 8, Block 3, Townsite of Holbein 

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