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File Number Name Part Section Township Range Meridian Subdivision Remarks
2570339 Cannington Land Registration District             This file lists patents issued through the Cannington Land Registration District. Homestead files for the various quarter sections can be located by reference to the Homestead Ledgers. 
1534375 Downes, Ellen Jane (Mrs.)             Lot 6, Block 15, 3rd St.reet, Lloydminster. 
5424890 Canoe Lake Indian Reserve No. 165B             Mouth of Burntwood River, east of Canoe Lake. 
5424888 Canoe Lake Indian Reserve No. 165A             South-west of Canoe Lake 
5424886 Canoe Lake Indian Reserve No. 165              
5128311 Clear Lake Indian Band             See Indian Reserve, Clear Lake Band 
73785 Campbell, William             Lot 59 - Special Survey of Prince Albert. 
73789 Erasmus, Cy             Lot 60, special survey, Prince Albert 
1534337 Hidden, Madeline Elizabeth             Lot 24, Block No. 4, 5th Street, Lloydminster. See also Pollard, Madeline Elizabeth. 
1242143 Hickson, Catherine Jane             Lots No. 22 and 23, N side of 31st St, Lots No. 22 and 23, S side of 32nd St. All west of Central Avenue, in town of Battleford. Transferred to Warwick, Marie Rose (Mrs.). 
2860584 Todd, John             Lots 38 and 39, north side of 3rd Street, west of Central Avenue, Town of South Battleford. See Battleford, Town of. 
73785 Isbister, Adam             Lot 59, Special Survey of Prince Albert 
503265 Isbister, James             Lot 17, Special Survey of Prince Albert Settlement 
5117706 Cowles, Arthur Luman             See also Holbein, townsite of 
5117706 Cowles, Charles             Lot 1, 2 and 3, Block 3, in Townsite Holbein 
5075793 Cowles, Clair Luman             Lots 6 and 7, Block, Townsite of Holbein 
1552843 Couture, Honore             Lots 31 and 32 on south side of 31st Street; lots 29, 30, 31, and 32 on north side of 30th Street; Lot 2 on north side of 25th Street; all west of Central Avenue, Town of Battleford. 
1534270 Cooper, Samuel Hudon             Lot 36, Block 27, north of 5th Street, Lloydminster. 
2947061 Church of England, Diocese of Saskatchewan             Lot 38, Cumberland House Settlement. 
4474785 Church of England in Canada             Lot 3, Stanley Settlement. See Synod of the Diocese of Saskatchewan. 

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